Encompassing many of the core principles of mechanical engineering to design, analyse, and manufacture products, our experience of mechanical engineering design is wide ranging across many engineering sectors:

  • Light fabricated products with intricate sheet metal components
  • Heavy fabricated assemblies, optimised for weight reduction and configured for acceptable fatigue requirements
  • Design for Manufacture (DFM) where the integration of product design and process planning become one common activity
  • Design for Serviceability ensures convenient aftermarket maintenance. In addition to providing high quality, reliable products, OEM’s must acknowledge this area as an effective means of building good customer relationships
  • Careful material selection, combined with specific manufacturing techniques, can optimise overall product design
  • Precision machined components, manufactured with advanced CNC equipment, has revolutionized product design. Today, this consistent, cost effective means of production has enabled designers to consider more intricate options.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench